EMprint Press

EMprint Press was started in 2004 by Emily Johnson in Berkeley, California. In 2006 EMprint relocated to a cattle ranch in South Dakota, which has been in Emily's family for four generations. Then in the Fall of 2008, new presses were aquired to start a second studio in Portland, Oregon. The new shop is located within YU, a burgeoning contemporary art center. Emily now splits her time between the two locations. EMprint has always ventured to provide ecologically-responsible design and printing to anyone who values fine craftsmanship. We hold high standards for the work we create and love to take on 'impossible' challenges.

Emily has a degree in physics from Reed College. She likes to discover how things work and fix them when they are broken. She loves anything finely crafted by hand. Letterpress brings these two things together, with lots of hand washing in-between. Though mostly self-taught, Emily has always had an appreciation of and respect for the traditions of fine printing. While back on the ranch, Emily lends a hand, particularly when there are orphan baby calves to care for. She also keeps busy with the family business - George Paul Vinegars - making traditional-style gourmet vinegars. In 2008, she designed and helped build their 'vinegary' utilizing strawbale construction. While in Portland, Emily also assists with letterpress instruction at Reed College and prints with Veneer Magazine.

Powell's Books - Portland, OR

Annie Bloom's Books - Portland, OR

Gravel & Gold - San Francisco, CA
Point Reyes Books - Point Reyes, CA

Neither Snow - Exquisite, thoughtful calligraphy.
Container Corps - An arts press offering low-drama offset printing.
George Paul Vinegars - Emily's other career.
YU Contemporary Art Center - Our Portland home.
Marriage Publishing House
Veneer Magazine